Senja – also in english

02.07.2015 13:07

Senjaboka / The Book on Senja can also be read in English.

Senja is Norway’s second largest island. It is off the coast of mid Troms, and has an area of 1586 squarekilometres. There are four municipalities on the island; Berg, Torsken, Tranøy and parts of Lenvik. In 2008 nearly 8,000 people live on Senja. The varied landscape explains why Senja is described as “a Norway in miniature”. It is also called “The Island of Adventure”.

Nowadays, the tourist industry is experiencing rapid development all over Senja. The book is therefore in three languages publishes, so people from other countries can also learn a little about the history of Senja.

For very many people around the world Senja is still an undiscovered pearl. For the rest of us it is The Island of Adventure in the north.